Social Media Future: Forecasts For Late 2020

Social media during the biggest crisis of our lifetime

“The times…they are a changin’.” – proclaimed Bob Dylan no long ago in his famous song. The times have never been changing faster than they are now. People have compared COVID-19 to WW2, and it’s the biggest challenge of our collective international community. The times, however, have been kind to our growing online community.

As more people have flocked online in days when social distancing is the norm it’s both a blessing for the digital marketers as well as the thing to be overcome soon.

On one hand, more online and social media presence might mean good days for the marketers, the craft, however, is to navigate the audience that is now flocking and viewing social media more and more.

First take is that as social media gets bigger and bigger, it’s a pool of all sorts of customer profiles and buyers. As social media gets more democratic and diversifies day by day, social media marketers must find their ideal audience. The rule that the more specific the audience the better the performance result is more applicable now than before.

The crisis did not stop the technological advancement on any of the social media, things in social media were changing even before the crisis, and are continuing to change just as rapidly as before.

But since things have become accelerated both from the natural flow of advancements and betterments of various social media tools as well as their experience for the users, and a crisis which demands a human approach to the needs of those who are interested in the products and brands that are being sold, the digital marketers need to work overtime to meet the need of this ever-changing landscape.

What can be said when all things are taken into consideration? We need to get with the times and ride the wave of change as the wave has always been there, now it’s getting a bit bigger.

Is the social media world changing?

Social media is slowly moving into being an online shopping cart. Accessibility is key in a period where people do not know where to find the things they need and want. The Internet will become the shopping mall, the local store, even the hairdresser. Yes, we saw that getting a haircut will not be as easy as it seems.

Not long ago we were talking about things that can be and can not be adapted into social media, now we are talking about how to ADAPT everything for an online purpose. It’s a tipping point, where we are faced with the thing we have long announced, that the online world will encompass more than we have ever dreamed it will.

School is online, so that should be a hint that the world did change, it caught us off guard, but that does not mean it should remain like that. We should continue where we left off, with a few minor adjustments to fit the “new normal”. Here are a few things to see how Social Media is changing and in what way in 2020:


The video was the big up and comer in 2019. Video took the world by blitz, as it was in many ways seen as a tool that a business can survive without. Now everyone is getting into video, as our culture slowly but surely transitioned into a video culture.

Youtube silently overtook Instagram at a point to have the most users after Facebook. YouТube is the best example of what we would later focus on, community. It seems the Youtube culture of building communities and niche audiences is prophetic of all social media.

Who would think that the platform where everyone was chasing the viral moment just 10 years ago, would not be recognized for “hey have you seen this video on YouТube?”, but for it’s in-depth videos and playlists on various topics, from science to academia, to politics, to music and film reviews, to just pure entertainment, as it slowly replaces television as the place to go to find culture and news content.

The videos individually are not as big as the platform itself, the platform due to the mass way in which it communicates via its users, that vary from vloggers to corporations, is an entity in itself to be analyzed. How is this useful to us? Simply, we are now discussing that IF we produce video, but in which way do we place it.

As the YouТube effect is everywhere, and video content because of it. It is the new norm in which people digest everything. Video is not the future, the video already is.


A mass audience can become a chamber of many voices, as well said we need to find the community, which is our voice, the voice of our company. The conversation is placing the voice of our company, product, and brand in the agora of ideas. How do you ask might we have this conversation in the seemingly contradictory statement that we need to be a voice among many that can easily turn into a cluster. Easy before we start a conversation we must first build:


We need to put the audience under a magnifying glass. The audience will be the main engine that will drive our vehicle to success. It is best to have a devout following than a scattered fanbase that is nowhere near close to functioning as a community.

Nothing big ever started BIG. In the age of virality, we are all looking for that viral moment, however, in the era of mass marketing, step by step is the key to shut down all the voices since many are seeking the attention of every customer.

The online strategy needs to be more integrated and catered to a community that demands respect and values which the brands, companies, and voices representing the company all embody in themselves. The strong community is a testimony of the company that has worked hard to achieve it, be it over a longer period.

The Internet has taught us that we as humans tend to flock in groups, so in 2020 we are all looking for that group, our customer base, which exists somewhere, once we find the group, the group will give birth to our community.

The community will give birth to our conversation. A conversation starts when many people are talking about a certain thing. It is pivotal that we build the community in such a way that it will drive the conversation. We must face that we will not be fully in control of this, we just need to push the community in a certain direction and let the market do its thing.

Rigid planning is worthless since we know that in the end nothing will work out ideally step by step with our plan. We can be ideally positioned for the talk triggers that our audience will spread like wildfire.

What might you as we position our audience to talk about?

How to position and prepare for the greatest challenge of social media?

As always in a time of crisis, we must go back to the root, to the starter, to the STORY. What is our story as a brand, as a company? What is the story of our product? We live in an age where stories are there, but their main attributes seem to have been forgotten. A story has the power to change.

We must prepare to display our story in the best possible way so that it communicates firstly to those whom we want to share it all over. In an age where nothing seems to be trusted and nothing seems to make sense to us.

We are faced with all sorts of stories that can communicate different values, different ideas, different modes of operating. Now more than ever we need to position ourselves in the marketplace as a story, a trustworthy, caring, and compassionate brand or company.

Preparation starts at the beginning, and we all remember sometimes how hard beginnings can be. Go back to the drawing board and retell your story from beginning to end, in it, you will find details that will amaze you and can be useful in these times.

We also are willing to help with that, let us dissect our story and find the things that made your product and brand what it is today, or what it wants to be. Every step was important for you, and we will value every step that you made.

Starting in the “new normal” boldly

Social Media is the frontline now, the frontline of everything, make sure you stand out. A step by step strategy that will keep you and your company thriving in these ages of trial. Now is the time to stand prepared and willing to accept reality as it is, but not to mute ourselves in the process. We must be aware of the surroundings and use that to the advantage in which we will be a factor and boldly start in the new normal.