About Us

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It's not about the resources, it's the creativity that matters.

Who we are

We spend more upfront so we can save more later.

Gigatt Co is a digital marketing startup, focusing on automation in the sales processes. We go from advertisements to money in the bank account in the most cost-effective and time efficient way.

  • Automating meetings in your calendar as a C-level executive
  • Automating sales on your e-commerce platform
  • Automating lead-generation through innovative digital communication


Trust-based relationship

Helping your business grow trust-based client relationships through marketing innovation and automation.


Growth-based relationships

Business growth through lasting and transparent client relationships developed through marketing innovation.


Our team

Our team is ready to attack any challenge you face in our field of expertise.


Danail Ristovski

Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with background of 5 years of experience behind him in sales and marketing. Skilled in Branding, E-commerce Strategy, Social Media Management, SEO, Messenger Marketing, Digital Advertising, Public Speaking and Writing.

Junior Digital Marketer

Andrijana Andreeva

Passionate digital marketer with couple of successful and creative campaigns behind her.

Senior Copywriter

Kiril Donchov

Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Advertising, Film, Public Speaking, SEO Copywriting, and Writing. Strong marketing professional with a love for the arts.

Our honorable clients

We were honored and trusted by dozens of clients. Below are available those without an NDA agreement.